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We support innovative startups

Technology innovation, Incubation of startups a Investing in the future

Technology innovation

Our goal is to find and support 250 innovative technology companies and develop the startup ecosystem in seven progressive sectors important for the economic development and competitiveness of the Czech Republic.

Currently supported projects
680 milions CZK
Total amount of support
5 years
Duration of the project
Cubes Technological incubation


Latest information from the Technology Incubation project

Article Newsletter Insider | May 2024

Newsletter Insider | May 2024

Fresh edition of our newsletter. Stay up to date and read what is happening around the Technology Incubation project.

Seven innovative areas

Support, collaboration, incubation and networking across the ecosystem

Advanced Tech & Materials Hub

It supports the creation and development of technology startups and innovative products and services in the fields of advanced materials (including nanomaterials), manufacturing technologies, micro and nanoelectronics and photonics, quantum technologies and technologies based on nuclear and particle physics research.

It builds on the strength of the Czech industry, as the above-mentioned areas are intertwined, e.g. for mechanical engineering, mechatronics, power engineering, industrial chemistry, electronics and electrical engineering. A key aspect is the connection to the field of science and research and the breadth of the area covered, thanks to the versatility of the products.

Advanced Tech & Materials Hub

AI Hub

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fundamental driver of innovation, education, quality of life and standard of living. AI is generally considered to be technology that achieves results for which a human factor was previously necessary.

The Hub is focused on incubating companies with innovative AI solutions and its applications to enable innovation in working with data across industries. As it is essential for the development of AI to have a large amount of well-prepared data, tools dealing with the processing of so-called “data mining” are seen as part of the sector. Big data.

AI Hub

Creative Hub

The purpose is to support the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) with an emphasis on the development and use of innovative technologies in particular fields related to creativity, skills and talent. It is not intended to support artistic creation per se, but contributes to the fusion of seemingly incompatible fields, namely culture, entrepreneurship, creativity and technology.

The area also includes projects that demonstrate creativity, disruptiveness, overlap, e.g. into education or tourism, or social impact. There are no limits to creativity and the boundaries are not strictly defined.

Creative Hub

EcoTech Hub

It supports the development of eco-innovation startups and at the same time mediation of Czech and foreign know-how, technologies and capital in the field of eco-innovation and circular economy.

The aim is to increase the number of eco-innovations successfully implemented in practice by supporting innovative start-ups in the field of ecology and sustainability and at the same time to motivate Czech companies to introduce eco-innovations and circular economy principles into their production or services. If the purpose of your business is e.g. sustainability, material reuse or energy savings, then we are looking for you!

EcoTech Hub

Mobility Innovation Hub

Mobility covers a wide range of areas, from automotive to Smart City to smart manufacturing and logistics, and in the Czech Republic it plays a very important role in the overall performance of the industry.

We are open to interested parties who are developing innovative solutions that relate to traditional engineering industries such as automotive, aerospace or marine. We also cover passenger, freight, public and rail transport or drones (UAS), as well as all entities that deal with data, its management and use in the field of mobility or smart city.

Mobility Innovation Hub

Space Hub

The thematic focus is on space activities and the space industry in particular. The development of the Czech space industry is closely linked to the European space policies and strategies of ESA and the EU. These activities are no longer just a matter of science, but represent a sector with enormous economic, social, strategic and security potential.

The Hub continues a more than 60-year tradition of Czech space research. Space activities are the area with the highest potential for innovation and represent an opportunity for the Czech economy to increase its competitiveness.

Space Hub

Tech4Life Hub

Preserving and protecting life or increasing its comfort, especially by creating a technologically advanced environment and generally strengthening the competitiveness of the Czech Republic, is the objective of this key activity. This could include projects in the fields of early warning, defence, health protection, medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

In this area, we emphasize safety and collaboration across industries, as well as intensive networking between private actors and representatives of the public sector and academia.

Tech4Life HUB

About the Technology Incubation Project

We help projects that are exceptionally innovative, feasible and scalable.

What is our goal

Support for 250 start-up technology companies developing innovative products or services in market areas identified as promising for Czech companies.

Who are we here for

For innovative startups from seven support areas, including AI, mobility, creative industries, space technologies, ecology and circular economy, smart solutions in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and advanced materials.

Who is behind the project

The project is implemented by the CzechInvest agency from the state budget funds through the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the programme The Country for the Future.

For startups

Innovative technologies for commercial applications

The Technology Incubation project is open to selected technology startups direct support of up to CZK 4 500 000indirect support worth 500 000 CZK in the form of workshops, seminars, assistance from incubation managers, consultations with business and technology experts, incubation lasting up to 2 years, and all without loss of shares in the company.

  • Funding of up to €5 million. CZK
  • Technical support and expertise
  • Office space and shared spaces in all regions
  • Connection to international networks, cooperation with industry, research and academia
  • Tailor-made practical assistance
  • Incubation duration up to 2 years


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