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Incubation areas

We support the ecosystem and projects with thematic hubs

AI Hub, Advanced Tech&Materials Hub, Creative Hub, EcoTech Hub, Mobility Innovation Hub, Space Hub a Tech4Life Hub

AI Hub

Supported projects
680 mil. CZK
Total amount of support
5 years
Duration of the project

Advanced Tech & Materials Hub

Advanced materials, manufacturing technologies, micro and nanoelectronics and photonics, robotics, quantum technologies and technologies based on nuclear and particle physics research.

AI Hub

It is committed to strengthening the position of the Czech Republic as a centre for innovation in the field of AI. It collaborates with companies, innovation centres, AI associations or universities to create conditions for the development of the AI community.

Creative Hub

It connects culture, business, creativity and technology, at all levels of the academic, public and private spheres. It promotes cultural and creative industries with an emphasis on the use of innovative technologies.

EcoTech Hub

It develops eco-innovation startups and at the same time mediates Czech and foreign know-how, technologies and capital in the field of eco-innovation and circular economy.

Mobility Innovation Hub

It promotes innovation in traditional industries – automotive, aerospace or maritime. It addresses areas such as clean mobility, autonomous driving, smart manufacturing and logistics or Smart City.

Space Hub

It focuses on space activities and the space industry in particular. Connecting to Technology Incubation allows you to connect with the startup community and expands your overall support.

Tech4Life Hub

It focuses on defence, civil protection and biotechnology. It aims to strengthen the Czech Republic’s preventive and response capacities to address current and future challenges.