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How to make the most of pre-incubation and successfully apply for the Technology Incubation project.

line-arrow How to make the most of pre-incubation and successfully apply for the Technology Incubation project.

Check out five tips on how to use pre-incubation services and get the most out of working with our pre-incubation managers.

In the Technology Incubation Program, you can get direct support for your startup up to CZK 4,500,000 and indirect support worth CZK 500,000 in the form of workshops, seminars, consultations with experts and other assistance from our incubation managers. In every project call you apply to, you are competing with the best projects from all over the Czech Republic, so it is important to spend enough time preparing and submitting your application. A great option that will make it easier for you all the way to the application is our preparation phase, called. pre-incubation. This is used to consult your project, get feedback and also, for example, to prepare for your presentation to the evaluation committee. Take a look with us at the whole process.

Don’t delay registration

In pre-incubation with us, you can consult your already established company as well as a project in the idea phase. It is a good idea to start your application for this preparatory scheme as soon as possible using this form. After filling in your details, you will receive an email with important links as well as access to the documents in editable form that are required to apply for project support.

Consult everything with the pre-incubation manager

After filling out the form and submitting your pre-incubation application, you will be assigned a pre-incubation manager with whom you can easily arrange in-person or online. We always try to assign managers in the location (region) of your business, but you can also meet a pre-incubation manager from another part of the country, depending on their current capacity. Based on the stage of the project (ongoing call, closed call), the assigned manager will present the basic parameters of the programme and all relevant information for the applicant’s eligibility. The basic ones include, for example, the requirement to be based in the Czech Republic or the maximum age of the company within three to five years of its establishment.

Feel free to ask

The pre-incubation manager is there to go over the details of your project with you. You want to know something? You have the perfect opportunity. Together, you can discuss all your questions about things like eligible expenses, deadlines and common application mistakes. Important note – the consultation is based on our consulting experience from other projects and therefore may not be the final opinion of the evaluators or members of the evaluation committee.

Take advantage of feedback

During the pre-incubation meeting, we will give you feedback on whether or not the programme is suitable for you. Alternatively, we will connect you with local innovation infrastructure, such as science and technology parks, to help you further develop your business development. We are also able to introduce and offer you other services such as competitions, other support programmes or connections with investors.

Get ready to apply.

If the pre-incubation went to your liking, it’s time to apply for the incubation itself. The application itself, including its annexes (business and incubation plan), can be consulted repeatedly according to your needs and the development of the project. We will also prepare you for your presentation to the evaluation committee. Pre-incubation will increase the chances of a successful application and will also give you useful feedback. You have taken the time to prepare, so you will want to know the recommendations for developing your plan.

We hope that thanks to pre-incubation you will be able to successfully submit your application and subsequently obtain project support. You can meet with our team of pre-incubation managers to discuss the details and ask any questions you may have. This will increase your chances of success in front of the evaluation committee. There is no need to wait, send us your application as soon as possible!

And one important note – you can apply for pre-incubation all year round, there is no need to wait for the project call to open.

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