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Tips for Christmas gifts from startups from the Technology Incubation project

12.12. 2023
line-arrow Tips for Christmas gifts from startups from the Technology Incubation project

Christmas is coming and with it the opportunity to give your loved ones unique and original gifts under the tree. Technology Incubation presents you with 6 tips for Christmas gifts from our incubated startups from the first challenge. Each offers unique and innovative products that will not only delight, but also refresh your perspective on traditional Christmas shopping. Take a look at our startups and their e-shops as inspiration for the upcoming shopping spree!

Brainz Gamify’s TrackCraft mixed reality game turns any space into a racing course. It gives players a sense of childlike joy in playing with cars and takes them to their own race track. Crazy tracks full of moving platforms, wild loops and portals are waiting to be explored.

A unique gift for a little guitarist? This can be the Gingo single-string guitar from LavvuInstruments, which opens up the world of music not only to children, but also to adults. The Gingo guitar allows you to intuitively discover the basics of melody as well as the joy and love of music.

NARA smart lights from the startup Spectoda turn an ordinary evening into a colourful experience. Whether you opt for an LED lamp or a strip, you’ll light up your room just the way you like it. The colours can be changed and thanks to the very dense LED dots, they give a uniform and pleasant impression. Everything can be conveniently controlled using the mobile app.

Startup Myco replaces single-use plastics with natural materials. Researches, develops and manufactures functional material 100% from fungal mycelium. What can he bring under the tree? In the e-shop you will find, for example, table-top aroma diffusers that will enliven the room with fragrances and delight any sustainability enthusiast.

Healthy home-grown vegetables for the whole family? Meet the smart greenhouse from startup Sensorie, which makes modern farming technology accessible to households and beginners alike. The grower selects the optimal conditions for his plants via an intuitive app and the smart equipment takes care of everything.

A gift from Dronetag will be a great choice for any drone enthusiast! Startup delivers unique all-in-one solution for safe drone flights to comply with new regulations. It is a device that can be attached to any drone. It enables detectability to other air traffic participants and real-time tracking of the drone.

We believe that gifts from our startups will add a touch of originality to this year’s holidays. See the individual startup cards below.

The whole team of Technology Incubation wishes you a beautiful and innovative Christmas!



Track Craft turns any space into a mixed reality racing…

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Myco replaces single-use plastics with nature.

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Healthy home-grown vegetables for every member of the…

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